It Adds Up! And It’s FREE!!No-Cost Ways to Raise Money for McKinley Elementary The McKinley PTA participates in the following no-cost fundraisers all year long:
1) Clip and save Box Tops for Education (10¢ each) box_tops
2) Save milk caps … Kwik Trip Milk Moola (caps & bags), Kemps Nickels (also found on
cottage cheese & sour cream containers) and Kids Caps for Cash (all 5¢ each)
3) Save Kwik Trip Glazers price ovals (10¢ each)

campbells_logo.jpg4) Save Labels for Education (Campbell’s, Swanson, Spaghettios, Franco-American, V-8, Pepperidge Farm, Prego)
5) Register your Target credit card and choose McKinley as the school you’re supporting
6) Pay your Kohl’s credit card bill with scrip gift cards (we earn 4% an all Kohl’s scrip)
7) Buy scrip gift cards at face-value for gifts and for places you already shop or dine promo_nickelsforschools.jpg
(i.e.: Kwik Trip, Copps / Pick N Save, Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, Wal-Mart,
Kohl’s, Subway, Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, Starbucks, Shopko, and many more)
McKinley receives a contribution that varies by retailer. See monthly order form.

Example: If 400 McKinley families …
clipped one box top per week = $2,080 + saved one milk cap per week = $1,040
… That’s already over $3,000 earned!!
Imagine how much we could earn if you saved ALL of your box tops and milk caps – WOW!!
Now imagine if you also participated in some of the other no-cost fundraisers … AMAZING!
By supporting the incentive-based fundraisers mentioned above, you can raise money for your school without spending money you wouldn’t otherwise spend.
Proceeds from these fundraisers support programs in our school such as:
Activity Week, Leadership Clubs, Camp Scholarships, School Enrichment Projects and Programs, Curriculum Resource improvements and updates, etc.
If you have questions regarding our Scrip Program, please e-mail